Flow Rings

Zazzletoys Flow Rings are:

An Amazing Toy to Play with for Hours!

A Beautiful Gadget

Stress Relief with a Relaxing Arm Massage

Physical Therapy



We Love Flow Rings and Hope You'll Try Them!

Solo on your Arm

With a Friend, or Group of Friends!

On a Rope or Hoop

At Zazzletoys, we believe the more color and choice, the better! Pictured is a selection of Flow Ring Colors and Styles for you to choose from!! Colors and styles subject to availability (new colors are often available too!) .

Solid Colors

Glittery - Sparkles and Shines in the Sun!

Store your flow rings flat in the drawstring bags they come in for hours of flowing fun!

See below for even more styles!


Green, Yellow, Orange and Pink

Glows in LED Blacklight!


Look Amazing Going up and down your arm!