Magic Prisms

Fill your house with beautiful vibrant rainbows!


Enjoy a colorful light show all day long!!

A 6" square Prism hung on our east facing window makes for a glorious morning of vibrant colors! We put high in a sunny window for best effect. Throughout the day, the sheet is beautiful! When you move your eyes, the rays change colors!

My son curled up a Magic Prism while the morning sun shone through our east window - another amazing color effect!

Typical portion of the circular rainbow arc created with one Magic Prism

Wall effect of one magic prism held vertically in hand at sunrise - such vibrance!

A winter day makes for interesting reading!

As the sun changes angle with the passing of weeks, patterns made with two prisms change!

Magic Prisms will thrill color loving folks of all ages!!

For an amazing variety of colorful effects, put two prisms in your window and curl the corners just a bit (see below video)!

What's your favorite shade in this picture? I like the pink and also the little stripes of yellowish orange.

As you can see, these rainbows are a lot longer than a sharpie marking pen!

This is a short video giving an idea of what can be done with 2 magic prisms, sunshine, and a little wiggling while filming! If you get two or more Magic Prisms, you can make your own color effects like these!

I love how the rainbows are different every day!

This is an advanced effect with several Magic Prisms in a couple of different windows - super fun! When two colored light beams intersect, they create a third color that is lighter than the two original colors! Some of the shades of red, purple, green, etc. look different than those colors do in the rainbow.