Mega Bubbles!

Available as part of one of our Fun-Paks - Includes powder to make 1 GALLON of Mega Bubbles and directions to make your very own Mega Bubble Wand and the bubbles. Just add water and Dawn Dish Soap in a bucket and let 'em fly!

Note - for local customers, the "Supreme" Fun-Pak includes 1 gallon of premade bubble mix and a homemade giant bubble wand!! Instant FUN!

He makes small bubbles form inside big ones!!

My son Gilad, the bubble whisperer!

This is a homemade bubble wand, which works great! Cotton cords, twigs and a few knots, dunked into a bucket with the bubble mix create HUGE and varied bubbles!! Simple yet very effective.

These rainbow colors are caused by a phenomenon called "interference". Light reflected from the inside and the outside surfaces of the bubble "interfere" with each other and create these beautiful colors!

See if you can find the small bubble inside the big one!